To conveniently intend a getaway trip, avoiding all the aggravations and to have an enjoyable experience, these easy pointers will help.


Fly for miles. For this study the various programs airline company frequent flyer and also sign up with the club. You can additionally open up an unique charge card provided together with the leading airline companies: to invest a certain amount, the cardholder obtains honor miles.

Do not lose your valuable time at the airport terminal: register in advance for the trip – the website of the provider or a smart phone.

If you are going to fly a foreign airline flight, subscribe to the newsletter on its national internet site (not the Russian version). After that information of special offers you will certainly get a few hours prior to the others.

At the very least 36 hours prior to separation order a special menu, as well as aboard you will certainly be able to taste vegetarian, kosher and also Indian food.


Take as little things. In South-East Asia, you need just shorts as well as flip-flops, as well as, claim, in Italy you can acquire lots of points in place: clothing and footwear there are less expensive than in Russia.

Leave your home as well as flash memory cards. You can quickly replace them free cloud service

Consider the luggage before leaving home. Keep in mind that the quantity of your preferred perfume – if you’re mosting likely to take them with you on the plane – do not exceed 100 ml.

Hotels and also restaurants

Getting to the resort late during the night, you are most likely to be able to obtain 99% of the cost Deluxe requirement. It’s simple: affordable rooms are marketed quickly, as well as the expense of servicing all types of areas for resorts has to do with the exact same.

When picking a restaurant on vacation, talk to the team, it is much better, if it will be women aged 23 to 35 years. Make it clear that you are interested in non-tourist location.

Select a dining establishment that is not also considerable menu and simple furnishings. Keep in mind: the most effective dining establishment after 8 pm a queue.

Interaction as well as Web

Get a regional sim card. When you loved this article and you would want to receive details relating to simply click the up coming internet site kindly visit our own site. The majority of countries in South-East Asia, South America, Europe, the tariffs for mobile web 3G-low. Since mobile maps and booking websites will be tickets at hand, and also on the Skype app, you can communicate as well as stay in the recognize.

Switch off the phone on board need not constantly. On 3 planes of Aeroflot today you can call, receive-send sms and also mms as well as use the Internet while in flight.


Shield your experience! The “cloud” your impacts are firmly saved on the inconsistencies of weather as well as technology. Simply download and install music, pictures, data, and every little thing you need – and delight in the trip of your favorite books and also flicks.

Share your entire photo cd in one click! In cloud on SkyDrive can fill up to 7 GB of images and also keep for as lengthy as you need. Solution is available on all platforms as well as running systems, so you can integrate files between tools. Offer accessibility to the album to your good friends and paste the brief web link in the message. Edit documents and also images are multiple users